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Quick Overview


- On trolley Water Cooled Inverter AC/DC Pulse TIG/MMA Welder
- Compact, Heavy Duty, Industrial Type with easy moving and storage
- New Generation IGBT Inverter Technology controlled by MCU core proccessor
- Pulse TIG, provides minimized heat input and faster freezes weld puddle
  that gives perfect welding solutions even on thin materials with perfect bead
- Ideal for welding of carbon steels, low[-alloy steels, stainless steels,
- Digital ampermeter / voltmeter
- Power,Overload and Under/Over-Voltage LED indicator
- Equipped with voltage protection and thermal protection
- Easy-to-use and user -frindly control panel
- Welding Mode, AC/DC, Pulse,2T/4T, parameter +/- and gas checking
- Adjustable & displayable gas pre-flow/post flow,Ignition/base/peak
  current, simply welding procedure parameters
- Adjustable, Hot start, Arc Force and Built-in Anti-Sticking for MMA welding
- Steeples Welding Current/Setting Knob
- Easy weldng cable connections with European type quick connectors
- Fan cooling system
- IP21S Protection Class
- Patented Design
- Weight is 38 Kg.
- Dimensions (cm.) (L×W×H) 71.9× 30.8×63.3