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Quick Overview


- Portable Stick/DC TIG Welder
- New Generation IGBT Inverter Technology
- Built-in  Hot Start anti-sticking and adjustment Arc force
- High Duty Cycle and welding capacity
- Ideal for welding of carbo steels, Low-alloy steels and stainless steels
- Excellent welding performance with rutile (E 6013) and Basic (E 7018)as well
  as Cellulisic Type Electrode (E6010 in diameters of 1.6mm to 5.0 mm
- Easy-to-use and user-friendly control panel
- Stepless welding current adjustment knob
- Weldingmode SMAW/DC TIG selection switch
- Digital ampermeter
- Equipped with thermal protection and it\'s indicator light
- Equipped with voltage prtection tis improves the reliability
- Input voltage (230V/400V) indicator light.
- Easy welding cable-connection with European type quick connection
- Fan cooling system
- IP21S Protection Class
- Light weight, Small and Patentde Compact Design
- Weight is only 19.5 Kg
- Dimensions (cm.) (LxWxH)50x24x41