Invermig 500 Water Cooling

• On the trolley, Water Cooled Multi-Process Inverter Welder
• New Generation advanced IGBT Inverter Technology.
• Industrial type, modular and compact design with heavy-duty, easy to move.
• Patented design.
• Portable 4 Roll wire feeder unit
• Multiple Process with MIG( GMAW), Stick ( SMAW), and Lift TIG ( GTAW)
• Manual and Synergetic controls
• Ideal for welding of carbon steels, low-alloy steels, stainless steels
, and aluminum
• Digital welding current and voltage display.
• Excellent welding with steel, stainless steel, Aluminium and Flux cored wires.
• Power, Overload and Under/Over-Voltage LED indicators
• Welding mode, Manual /Synergetic, wire diameter, 2T/4T, and shielding gas selections /settings.
• Equipped with voltage protection and thermal protection
• Adjustable ending current/ voltage and inductance.
• Adjustable; Hot start, Arc Force for MMA welding.
• Stepless welding wire feeding speed ( A) and voltage M adjustment knobs
• Built-in soft wire feeding, post-gas, burn-back, and ball cutting

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